Pillow speakers are the remote controls hospital patients use to control their televisions and GetWellNetwork's patient care software.

My roles: 

  1. Design concepts for future pillow speakers that enhance user experience.
  2. Lead redesign of the existing pillow speakers' user interfaces from opportunities discovered during research. 

Client, User, & Market Research

Dozens of staff and patient interviews and observations, as well as market research and testing led to a deep understanding of product trends and problem areas.


Concept Development

Quick sketches used to identify potential problem solving features


Aesthetic Ideation

Shape development to visualize the look and feel of the product


Prototype Process for concept testing

Development of a functional prototype for client feedback and user testing.

Involved: Ergonomic Testing, CAD, Electrical Engineering, 3D printing, Fabrication & Assembly

Pillow Speaker3a.png



Interface Redesign

To save cost, GetWell also wanted a solution to improve the user experience using existing tooling.  

This overlay design update unified company branding and increased intuitiveness for users. Currently installed in over 200 hospitals and used by over 30,000 patients daily.