This and that

These are a variety of pieces from a few of my favorite projects over the years.  


Car finding APP

This app pairs with a receiver to quickly direct you to your car every time. 


Oronote mechanical design

Set reminders or leave audio notes for others. Oronote is the sticky note for the digital age. 



Built as a concept design for Hasbro


IV Pole prototype & User experience

Step by step wall through of user experience and full scale prototype for user testing. Made from a mix of 3D prints, wood, and acrylic. 


Motion Metrics App

Pressure and location sensing ski-boot wearables allow live data tracking analysis for professional skiers to improve performance in real-time.


Johnson Baby Shampoo

Packaging Redesign Concept


Terrasoles Men's fall moccasin

Apres-ski shoe based on existing outsole design. Corduroy and felt upper, polyester sherpa inner.


Geist valley bees branding

Branding for a honey company with a scientific aesthetic.



Quick sketches to develop functionality.