The problem: User damage for GetWellNetwork's hospital keyboard was over 20% in the first month of release. GetWell needed to find what was causing the damage and how to solve it as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

My role: I managed research, design, over-seas development, and release of the changes.   


Research, Ideation & Refinement

In hospital research revealed user experience problems and opportunities. 


Plug redesign

Reduced user damaged from above 20% to below 0.1%

seamless strain relief

Increases infection control by removing gooves.

Good grip

Intuitive ergonomics allow thumb and finger to fall into place. Divots keep fingers from slipping.


Overmolded design allows the handle to bend rather than the USB under rough use.


Design assembly

3D CAD developed in Rhino and Keyshot allowed clients to quickly understand features and assembly process. 

The final design reduced user damage by over 90% and lowered repair costs 60%.